Straight to Finish

by Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr

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In a 3-car race one could observe an interesting phenomenon: from Start to Finish the cars were constantly moving so that a straight line can be drawn through their centers.

60% of the entire race the car #5 was first, the car #2 was second and the car #7 – third.

Only one car won the race. Which car it definitely WAS NOT?


The middle car couldn’t win the race in accordance with the condition all three cars were always on one straight line throughout the entire race. This is possible only when the middle car is constanly 2nd.

In case it becomes first at least for a moment like it is shown in the lower 3-car group in the illustration, the straight line becomes broken.

Thus, the racing car #2 hasn’t won the race. It came second.

Check Racing Car #2
Check Racing Car #5
Check Racing Car #7