Parent Committee

by Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr

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Sitting in a circle, eight parents of 4 different professions were discussing their children’s class issues.

None of the three software engineers was a neighbor with each other. A university professor wasn’t a neighbor with any of the software engineers. Among the two QA testers neither had his hands crossed or touched. Among the two Uber drivers neither was next to the university professor and only one of them had crossed or touched legs.

Who was the lady in the skirt?

*The image is re-drawn from an iStock image


First two sentences in the 2nd paragraph => only one possible position for 3 software engineers (SE) and the university professor (UP) to be seated – Figure 1. Rotations possible. This leaves the same arrangement for 2 QA testers (QA) and 2 Uber drivers (UD) – Figure 2. Third sentence => the QA testers are 2 of the 3 males around two females => the SE’s and the UP are on the 12-3-6-9 o’clock circle. The fourth sentence => upper left female is UD => only SE can be neighbors to it – Figure 3. The other UD is the male with the touching feet. No UP should be next to him => the only possibility for UP is the lady in skirt – Figure 4.

Check Software Engineer
Check QA Tester
Check Uber Driver
Check University Professor