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Have Been Looking for the Brand New Ingenious Puzzles?  
by UniPuzzle Team  

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(ISBN 978-1-56881-418-6)

Serhiy Grabarchuk
Peter Grabarchuk
Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr.

Detailed Introduction to Puzzles

Advance Praise from:
Will Shortz and Peter Winkler


108+, since several of them include
two or more separate challenges.
Each puzzle is accompanied
by an original illustration from
the respective co-author.

Each solution is described in greater
detail and almost all of them
include detailed illustrations.

Less than $20

Have been looking for the brand new ingenious puzzles never seen before? Wanted to be challenged and at the same time having fun while solving? Wished to feel like a master or even a genius when succeed? This is what you have been looking for all this time - your puzzle blue-book for year 2008 and beyond!

The Grabarchuk puzzle family have published their first joint puzzle book with A K Peters, Ltd. at the beginning of the year - The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles. The book derived from Puzzle Miniatures, Volumes 1-3, which were self-published and distributed in very small quantities exclusively to the Puzzle Community in 1998, 2003 and 2005, respectively.

The book is quite "tiny" - a little bit more than a hundred puzzles. But it has a number of outstanding features rarely seen nowadays in modern puzzle books. First, this is not a compendium of what you have been solving for years and which is often attributed to as "public domain." All puzzles in the book are created by the respective authors (father and two sons) and constitute a flavor of different styles and types from these puzzle designers. Second, these are not crosswords, nanograms or any other type of puzzles you can find in many newspapers, other periodicals, or books. With any of these puzzles you will be challenged from the very beginning and will be kept captured till the moment you find your own "Aha!" with the answer, no matter if you get it yourself or take a look at the last pages of the book. Third, these are not Sudoku! If you are tired or already bored with your daily Sudoku experiments, and want to switch finally to something new, put the book on your list. You won't regret. Fourth, these are not computer-generated puzzles! This is a "human-to-human" puzzle book where the real authors did their best to entertain and challenge you alike. Last but not least, the book's title says it right - all the puzzles are tailored to have a simple look but a tricky solution providing you with a great visual appeal and making you to feel self-confident as you advance through the puzzles.

Where to purchase the book? From A K Peters, Ltd. directly. Or even more easily from Amazon - The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles (ISBN 978-1-56881-418-6).

If you feel you want to write a review on the book or share your feelings about it with friends online, just do that! If you want to share some comments with the authors, or learn more about Puzzle Miniatures, take a look at the book’s preface. Bring your puzzle experience to a new level, or if you are not still in, let you puzzle journey begin today with this puzzle blue-book!
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Posted: May 29, 2008   Last Updated: May 297, 2008
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