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Lily Pads
by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr.

The six-piece set shown above embraces all possible combinations of the corner cut offs from a square - from 0 through 4. Additionally, a silhouette of a lily pad is cut off in the center of each piece.

The object of the puzzle is to put all six pieces into the rectangular 2x3 region of the pond shown at the top in such a way that EIGHT identical lily pads appear on the pond. Moreover, in final position all lily pads must have the same orientation.

The pieces can be rotated but it is not allowed to turn them over or overlap. On the perimeter of the 2x3 region the pieces can touch each other only cut offs to cut offs or full corners to full corners, but never a cut off to a full corner. The legal touches and an illegal touch for the perimeter are shown in the diagram below.

To move a piece, drag it. To rotate a piece, click it.
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  Last Updated: May 27, 2007
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