4 Triangles from 6 Matchsticks

by unknown author

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It is easy to create two identical triangles with 6 matchsticks – 3 matchsticks per triangle.

They say it is possible to create 4 triangles with 6 matchsticks. Overlapping is allowed.

What those triangles will be?


The classic solution for this puzzle is creating a tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) as is shown in the diagram’s upper left corner. The tetrahedron’s 4 faces are simultaneously 4 equilateral triangles.

The alternative solution is formed flat on a plane when 2 equilateral triangles are bigger and 2 are smaller as is shown in the diagram’s lower right corner.

Check 1 big & 3 small
Check 3 big & 1 small
Check All four different
Check All four identical